Image of Joseph E. Stiglitz: "Project Syndicate's mission and clarity of purpose is simply unrivaled"

Project Syndicate Friends Fund

Around the world, democracy appears to be crumbling. Minds are closed. Civil dialogue is seems. Voices that could make a difference are drowned out by an incendiary babel.

We have the remedy. We need to encourage open, informed debate, bringing together diverse opinions and expert ideas. And these insights need to be accessible to everyone. Everywhere.

For over 25 years, Project Syndicate has been dedicated to disseminating the highest-quality content as widely as possible. But this takes investment. As we are all witnessing, the need continues to grow. We need more content. More translations into more languages. More formats in which to convey ideas. Even more diverse voices. All for more impact.

Please donate what you feel comfortable with, and together we can reach our $1 million target. Thank you.

The Project Syndicate Friends Fund hosted by CAF America enables tax-deductible giving for Americans. All donations are used to support andadvance the mission of Project Syndicate o.p.s, a 501c3 equivalent non-profit based in the Czech Republic.

About CAF America

Since 1992, CAF America’s core mission has been to enable cross-border giving by Americans to validated charities and charitable projects across the world. Through donor-advised giving and our industry-leading organizational validation protocols, we enable our donors to make strategic, cost-effective, and tax-advantaged gifts while reducing the risk, reputation exposure, and administrative burden associated with cross-border giving.

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