Corporate Aid for Ukraine
In partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland

Front Line Assistance for Ukrainians

Corporate Aid for Ukraine is a rapid response, front-line charitable fund created in March 2022 for the explicit purpose of providing immediate humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, both in-country and refugees.  CAU was spearheaded by the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland in cooperation with several other leading business organizations, including the members of YPO Poland and YPO Kiev Chapters.  CAU is supported by the honorable U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski.  (read the Ambassador’s letter of support here)

CAU and AmCham Poland are in a unique position to help the Ukrainian people, including the more than four million refugees who have fled their motherland – of which more than 2.4 million have already arrived in Poland (source: UNHCR report March 30). There is a massive and unprecedented need for financial support for humanitarian aid.  Large and small businesses as well as individual donors are an important source of funding for this urgently needed front-line aid.

About Wire Transfers and Offline Donations

This page only accepts contributions by credit card. If you would like to contribute through wire transfer, by check, or by donating publicly-traded stocks or other assets, please contact CAU's Fund Manager Calvin Quick at or by calling 202-793-2232.

Find full instructions for offline giving at this page:

Why Support CAU? 10 Reasons

Front Line Aid.  CAU Is rapid-response financial aid for Ukrainians.  AmCham Poland, YPO Poland and volunteer executives are on the front line of this humanitarian crisis.  Governments and many global charities will provide massive financial assistance to Ukraine in the months to come. But normal Ukrainian people need food, medicine, and shelter now.  That is CAU’s mission.

The Critical Role of Poland. Poland is an EU and NATO-member nation bordering Ukraine.  62% of Ukrainian refugees are in Poland. There are proven open supply-chains into Ukraine from the Polish border. AmCham, YPO and CAU executives has decades of experience and are well-connected with Polish government, institutions and businesses, plus has strong contacts within Ukraine. We can get things done here near the front-line. The CAU advisory board and AmCham Poland will monitor the evolving situation and respond promptly to emerging needs and rapidly evolving challenges as this crisis continues to develop.

Trustworthy.  The founding members of CAU are distinguished American citizens: CEOs, business & legal executives who have each lived in Poland for more than 25 years.

U.S. Embassy Support.  As AmCham's Honorary Chairman, Ambassador Brzezinski “applauds AmCham's efforts in creating Corporate Aid for Ukraine and encourages firms to support front line Ukrainian humanitarian efforts.  I am in deep admiration of this unprecedented initiative to help your neighbors in this crisis of historic proportions.”

Tax-deductible donations.  We are working in union with Washington DC based, Charities Aid Foundation - America.  Your donations to CAU to support Ukrainian aid will be fully tax deductible (under U.S. tax laws). You will receive a receipt for your donation from CAF America, a US public charity with EIN 43-1634280.

About CAU

Corporate Aid for Ukraine: USA
A 501c3 Donor-advised Charitable Fund
c/o The American Chamber of Commerce in Poland
Ul. Twarda 18, Warsaw, Poland 00-105

Tax Id: KRS 0000142057
Direct Phone: +48 22 520 59 99

Grantee Approval Expiration Date: 3/19/2023

Founding Members of CAU (Poland-based)

John P. Lynch, Founder CAU. CEO Lynka. Board member, AmCham
Tony Housh, Chairman AmCham Poland
C. David DeBenedetti, Partner, DeBenedetti Majewski Szczesniak, Partner.
Dorothy Dabrowski, former Executive Director, AmCham Poland

Donations from outside USA.  Our fund can accept donations from companies and individuals from around the world in 130 currencies.  Non-U.S. donors should check their local regulations regarding the tax-deductible status of donations.  Donations made in non-dollar currencies will be converted to US dollars in accordance with CAF exchange rate regulations.

Strictly humanitarian aid.  To qualify for tax-deductibility, donations must be used exclusively for charitable purposes, including humanitarian efforts. CAU will assure that your donations will be used for the purchase of food, hygienic products, medicines and medical supplies and services and more.

Rapid-response: straight to those in need.  AmCham / CAU will direct donated funds to established, reputable and fully-vetted Poland-based charities and aid-organizations on the front lines providing immediate aid to Ukrainian citizens in-country and refugees in Poland.

Full Vetting.  Every front-line recipient of aid will be vetted by both Charities Aid Foundation America and CAU/AmCham Poland.  In practice, thanks to our long-term presence in Poland (since 1991), we already know most of the charitable and aid organizations personally.

No-fee help.  Neither AmCham nor CAU will take any compensation or commission for our role in this endeavor.  Zero.

Help us spread the word

This is humanity and business at its best.  The invasion of Ukraine has unmasked the worst of evil behavior in our times, but at the same moment, the very best of humanity.  The courage of the Ukrainian people, the generosity and hospitality of Poles and other neighboring countries taking refugees literally into their homes is both emotionally moving and awe-inspiring.  It gives us hope.

CAU is philanthropical and entrepreneurial ingenuity at its very best.  We have a goal to raise millions of dollars to help the Ukrainian people.  Even if your business is already supporting other Ukrainian-aid initiatives, please make at least a symbolic donation to CAU.  Let’s stand together for Ukraine. If you or your business are members of another business, trade or industry association or local chamber of commerce, rotary club or the likes, we would encourage you to spread our message to your membership.  We can add your organization and its logo to our website landing page, so that your members know that CAU is a safe, vetted charitable fund, and your members’ donations will be put to good use helping the Ukrainian people, immediately on the front line.

Our Partner Organizations

There is an old expression that Poles use in challenging times: ‘wszystkie ręce na pokładzie’ or ‘all hands-on deck.’  In this spirit, Corporate Aid for Ukraine and AmCham are joining forces with other business organizations to achieve our shared mission to help the Ukrainian people.  As of March 31, 2022, we are already cooperating with the following organizations in terms of coordination of aid distribution, donor communications and even the shared use of the CAU donation platform we created with Charities Aid Foundation.

We are pleased to announce that the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Japan ( will be cooperating with us and reaching out to both its members and all interested people in Japan.   The PCCiJ is already accepting donations at , which donations will be forwarded to CAU.

Donations to Kosciuszko Foundation

If you are an individual or small business who wants to donate via Paypal, you can do so via the Kosciuszko Foundation, one of our partner organizations.  The Kosciuszko Foundation was founded in 1925 as a cultural and educational organization. It receives its funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and its programs are people-to-people in character and orientation. There are also ways to make donations directly from your IRA that have certain tax advantages. Read about them here.

About CAF America

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