The Bentley Environmental Foundation

In pursuit of our aim to set a new sustainability goal in luxury car manufacturing, we have created a new charitable foundation to support the preservation of our planet.

The Bentley Environmental Foundation represents a long-term financial commitment to raise funds for sustainability initiatives worldwide. We are supporting the foundation directly by donating, as a first step, £3 million for environmental projects, co-created with external NGOs and charities who are experts in their field. Importantly, however, anybody will be able to contribute.

By inviting people worldwide to donate, we aim to increase the funds available to our selected causes and create an even bigger impact.

The Bentley Environmental Foundation exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and bold innovation that has always been part of our brand’s ethos, to help solve some of the most important challenges facing humanity today.

About CAF America

Since 1992, CAF America’s core mission has been to enable cross-border giving by Americans to validated charities and charitable projects across the world. Through donor-advised giving and our industry-leading organizational validation protocols, we enable our donors to make strategic, cost-effective, and tax-advantaged gifts while reducing the risk, reputation exposure, and administrative burden associated with cross-border giving.

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